My name is Daniel Janik. I've been in the SQL community for two decades and have held the role of DBA, developer, architect, and consultant. I spent 6 years of my career at Microsoft supporting SQL Server as a PFE (Premier Field Engineer). I've learned a lot over the years and I like to give back. I annouced my FitDB health check application on July 4th on my Blog (SQLTechBlog.com) and on SQL Server Central. Lately I've been busy and haven't spoken at a SQL Saturday in a while. I felt it was time to do something more, so I created this website.

This website is for all my friends in the SQL community that have been at it for years or are just starting out. Simply upload your .SQLPLAN query plan file and the site will try to point out problems. Keep in mind, this is in its very beginning stages and there's still a lot of work to be done. I'm very open to feedback and hoping I get plenty. Please hop over to SQLTechBlog.com to leave me a note about this new site.

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Thank you and have a blessed day!